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Published: August 23, 2019

Protecting Your Children Online Parent Event

By Erin Phillips, Power2Parent

“We are trying to protect people who don’t understand they are in danger and who know more about technology than we do.”

-Detective Sean Taylor
LVMPD Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force


The Power2Parent Internet Safety Night at the Vistas Community Center was a success! Detective Sean Taylor of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and Chelsea Brown of Digital Mom Talk gave outstanding presentations on how predators are targeting your kids in the digital age and what you as a parent can do about it. Apps and filters are a common first response, but both Detective Taylor and Chelsea Brown made it clear that there is no substitute for good parenting.
Did you miss the class? Here are some highlights:
Who is most at risk for being preyed upon?
-Ages 8-14
-Prolonged/Frequent use of technology
-No standards or expectations set by the parents
-No limitations set by the parents

What are the hazardous characteristics of apps that prey on children:
-Chat and/or Video Chat Feature
-No Verification
-Vanishing Content
-Interactive with Other Apps
-Location Software

What can you do to help keep your children safe?-Keep the communication lines open
-Set Expectations and enforce consequences-Set limitation – access, location, time & frequency
-Charge devices at night in the parent’s room
-Hover, but don’t stalk – otherwise they will get a new profile that you don’t know about
-Install filters – ***But there is no substitute for a good parent monitoring that device****-Discuss proper relationships – “mutual friends” does not establish credibility
-Don’t post vacation pictures when you’re on vacation
-No devices in the bathroom or bedroom
-No one should have access to your network/internet if you don’t own the device
Chelsea Brown, of Digital Mom Talk, is a Certified Security Professional whose mission is to provide families with the complete tools to teach their kids how to survive and thrive in a digital world. Check out her Free Family Tech Plan here.

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​Thank you Richards Cosmetic Surgery and Digital Mom Talk for sponsoring this message and event!
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