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Parents Need To Know: Sexual…

Rachel Caldwell, Power2Parent *Warning: This article contains sensitive content.   When I was a senior in high school, I worked as a host at a local beachside restaurant. My first blatant experience with sexual harassment occurred there. A manager slapped my backside in front of other coworkers as he was passing by the host stand. I remember being completely shocked and utterly paralyzed by what had taken place. As a 17-year-old, I had never been harassed in that manner and did not know what to do. This male manager was at least 18 years older than me. The result: I

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From boardroom to baby’s room:…

By Rachel Arroyo Caldwell, Power2Parent From star track athlete to CEO and mom of four, local entrepreneur Chen Levanon makes it look easy, but this an illusion. A lot of work has gone into creating space for Levanon to perform at the highest levels within multiple demanding roles. Levanon is the CEO of Zeebuz, an app platform that allows teenagers to build financial literacy while also building a tangible business. Teens create a profile on which they can market their goods or services, such as selling T-shirts or babysitting. Payment can be sent through the app via a unique QR

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Parents Need To Know: CCSD…

By Rachel Arroyo Caldwell, Power2Parent Within the last six months, 19 handguns were confiscated on Clark County School District property, according to the CCSD Firearms Confiscation Report. Ninety knives and fifty-six items classified as ‘other weapons’ were confiscated on property between August 2023 and February 2024. These numbers do not encompass weapons confiscated off property by juveniles and adults affiliated with CCSD. In total, 34 handguns, 4 long guns, 97 knives and 57 ‘other weapons’ were logged as part of the report, which can be found here. In spite of the increase in numbers of weapons confiscated, CCSD leadership has

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Teens Flex Their Mental Muscle…

By Rachel Arroyo Caldwell, Power2Parent The room full of teens had 60 seconds to develop a sales pitch for items sitting right in front of them such as a box of tissues or an office chair. At the end of the minute, a select few would pitch their product to the Chief Executive Officer of Zeebuz, Shark Tank style. The exercise was part of Power2Parent’s ‘Financial Fitness for Parents and Teens’ workshop held Feb. 6 at the Power2Parent Parent Resource Center. The event, sponsored by apps Zeebuz and Go Boldly, was designed to improve the financial literacy of the participants

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