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Erin Phillips

President & CEO

In 2014, I attended an invite only school board trustee committee meeting where graphic Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) curriculum was introduced. This curriculum presented ways that children as young as kindergarten should be taught about topics like masturbation. I was appalled. Shortly after that, the Clark County School District (CCSD) introduced this curriculum to the community, and outrage ensued. Parental pushback was so intense, the superintendent ultimately pulled the curriculum. Shortly after that, a group of parents who had attended those district meetings gathered and began to discuss the need for an organized effort to expose the usurpation of parental rights. That evening Power2Parent was born with the mission to inform, organize, and mobilize parents and community members to protect parental rights.

After our first year, I was appointed President of Power2Parent and we formally organized our small board. Through diligence and hard work, we learned how to advocate effectively for parental rights, and how to grow our grassroots and political organization.

In 2015 we began lobbying at the legislature for the protection of parental rights during the legislative session. In 2017, we stopped a bill sponsored by Planned Parenthood that would have taken away parents’ right to know when their child would be taught sexuality education at school. In 2019, we stopped them from mandating comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in every school in Nevada. Our efforts to inform and activate parents has stopped bad policy and exposed dangerous agendas from groups who do not believe parents should have the right to raise their children according to their values and beliefs.

In 2020 at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we helped counties open micro schools with Microschooling Nevada, and helped educate the public on alternative schooling options. We joined forces with Nevada School Choice in their efforts to fight for school choice dollars.. We supported the efforts of parents who wanted to homeschool their children, and planned rallies to advocate for the needs of children through the pandemic and more.

Today our Power2Parent Union is informing parents of issues, influencing law and policy that affects the family. We are the most influential parental rights organization in Nevada and we are expanding nationally. Join our mission to protect families in our communities locally and nationally.

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Deborah Earl

COO (Chief Operations Officer)



Deborah Earl is a founding member of the Power2Parent Executive Board and currently serves as COO (Chief Operations Officer). She received her Bachelor’s degree in English from Brigham Young University. Deborah Is passionate about education, and believes that parental involvement in education is the number one indicator of success in a child’s education. Deborah has written several articles for the Las Vegas Review Journal championing issues that affect families in Nevada. She has been a guest on the Alan Stock Show, Kevin Wall Live and Local, and What’s Right. She serves on committees in the Clark County School District to support parental voice in policy decisions.  Deborah was honored to be awarded Nevada’s Mother of the Year 2023 by American Mothers. Deborah and her husband Cameron reside in Las Vegas with their 5 children.

Karla Severson

Programs Director

Kristy Wilkinson

Development and Legislative Director

Annalisa Bundra

Programs Coordinator

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Digital Operations and Events Coordinator

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Communications Coordinator