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Published: November 8, 2023

Need to Know: How CCSD Selects Library Books and How to Challenge Them

By Rachel Caldwell, Power2Parent

By: Rachel Arroyo Caldwell | Power2Parent

 “Flamer” by Mike Curato made the American Library Association’s list of the Top 13 Most Challenged Books in 2022 for LGBTQIA+ content and sexually explicit content. It currently sits on the shelves of school libraries within the Clark County School District.

Read on for information on how material is selected for school libraries and for information on what parents can do to challenge explicit content.

The regulation that governs the selection of textbooks, supplement textbooks, library resources and electronic materials is Clark County School District R-6150

According to R-6150, “’School library resources’ means any medium or material in a media center, including without limitation, print and digital materials available in the collection of school library media center resources.”


Who selects the materials?

The principal, the teacher-librarian and the library-media center committee.


Who is included in the library-media center committee?

The teacher- librarian, three teachers, two parents/guardians, and the principal or designee.


Who appoints the library-media center committee?

The principal.


What can parents/guardians do about materials they feel are inappropriate for their children?

Parents can fill out a Request for Review of Supplemental Textbooks, School Library Resources, or Procedures form. It should be submitted to the principal. This form will initiate a review of the item.


What happens next?

The library-media center committee reviews the issued complaint and can do one of three things:

  1. Leave the school library resource in the library on open shelving
  2.  Remove the school library resource from the library on open shelving; or
  3. Place the school library resource on open shelving to be circulated only to students with written parental permission.

As a result of the insistence of Power2Parent, Clark County School District Superintendent of Schools Jesus Jara took the initiative to post a list of the book titles currently available in district schools on Infinite Campus. Power2Parent applauds Jara’s decision which increases transparency and shows good faith toward parents seeking to be informed regarding the materials available to their children. The current list, which exists as a pdf, lacks data regarding which books are in which school libraries. Power2Parent strongly suggests this information be added to the list to further promote transparency.

For a list of the American Library Association’s Top 13 Most Challenged Books of 2023, click here.


Source: CCSD R-6150